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Network Coreness Index can be used to measure the structure of regional economy identified through a commuting network

There was a recent email on PLANET Google Groups asking about what the ‘top journals’ were in the field. I wrote a response, while not directly answering the question. This post is an elaboration/edit of that post. Do we need journals any more? I say this as/has been an associate editor for journals and appreciating the full scope of publication infrastructure that publishers provide. I also appreciate the need for cognitive shortcuts to quickly evaluate the value of research by looking to the reputation of the journal.



How does infrastructure or lack of affect urban development along the coast

Machine learning techniques to identify irregular settlements

Why do public and private organisations plan? When? How are the plans used?

The interactions between land use, transportation, environment and energy systems

Managing urban water infrastructure with new data driven approaches and institutional change

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Transportation energy consumption in the United States and its relation to urban form

The role of federalism in urban development


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