Transportation Energy Consumption in the US

While urban counties consume substantially more gasoline/diesel, rural counties are thrice as profligate as urban counties on per capita basis.

Regions of Deprivation

Spatial clusters of deprivation and their patterns

Using Google API for Planning

Finding density of places, service deserts using Google and OSRM.

Analysing Urban Neworks

A brief introduction to network analysis.

Machine Learning for Remote Sensing

Classification trees, random forests, neural networks and the like.

Scraping web for data

Parsing data that is served through REST API.

Geospatial Data in R

Geospatial data in R, using Citi Bike Share in New York city as a case.

Introduction to R & Exploratory Data Visualisation

Introduction to R and some exploratory graphics using air pollution data in the US.

Techniques & Politics of New Urban Analytics

A short course on urban analytics in R. And a critical look at urban analytics.

Identifying Clusters of Events

Spatial cluster detection.