Urban Morphology & Landscape Metrics

Creating urban landscape metrics

Does Removing Federal Subsidies Discourage Development? An Evaluation of the Impact of the  U.S. Coastal Barrier Resources Act

The role of federalism in urban development

A compactness index for urban patterns

Index of Moment of Inertia can be used to measure both the fragmentation levels and extent of fragmentation. This is a complementary measure to density to measure compactness of an urban landscape

Urban Development, Coastal Infrastructure and Policy

How does infrastructure or lack of affect urban development along the coast

Irregular/Informal Settlement Detection

Machine learning techniques to identify irregular settlements

Urban Change and its Impacts

Novel measures of urban demographic, economic and morphological indicators

Are America's Inner Cities Competitive? Evidence from the 2000s

In the years since Michael Porter's paper about the potential competitiveness of inner cities there has been growing evidence of a residential resurgence in urban neighborhoods. Yet, there is less evidence on the competitiveness of inner cities for …

Urban Form and Air Quality

In metropolitan regions, urban form is usually associated with pollutant levels. However, empirical analyses have relied on small samples and demographic variables of urban form. In this paper, we study the relationships between urban form indicators …

The Land Use Energy Connection

To date, most planners have focussed on energy consumption. They argue that compact housing and urban patterns reduce both household and transportation energy use and should be promoted to combat a variety of ills, including energy import dependency …

Making Room for Manufacturing: Understanding Industrial Land Conversion in Cities

Problem: Given the extent of deindustrialization since the late 1970s, many cities are forced to deal with a legacy of vacant and environmentally damaged industrial land. Urban economic development strategies have also turned away from …